Sat, October 23, 2021


Many schools found flouting Covid-19 preventive measures

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The Department of Health said on Monday that some schools have reopened despite failing the assessment criteria required under the “Sandbox Safety Zone in Schools” programme launched last month.

So far, 48 of 68 schools tested have passed the assessment in red and dark-red provinces.

The department said many rules are being flouted such as allowing outsiders to enter and leave boarding schools, not putting in place effective screening measures, allowing dormitories to be overcrowded and not maintaining a one-metre distance between beds. The guidelines also require staff and students to always wear a mask, even inside dormitories.

The department held a meeting on Monday with the Education Ministry, the Paediatric Infectious Disease Association and the Royal College of Paediatricians to solve the problem.

Published : September 06, 2021