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SATURDAY, September 23, 2023

Infofed building Thailand’s first eSports arena

Infofed building Thailand’s first eSports arena
WEDNESDAY, April 04, 2018

Infofed aims to promote eSports in Thailand by opening an eSports arena in Bangkok where leagues can play around the clock and hold tournaments.

It will also establish an eSports Academy in June.
The Sports Authority of Thailand has recognised eSports as an authentic form of sport and budgeted Bt300 million to foster at least 2,000 eSports athletes, but most Thais still feel ambiguous about electronic gaming. 
The eSports Academy would train players and serve as a platform for other enthusiasts, such as game casters and game critics. 
It will team up with both local and foreign learning institutes to teach students about eSports.
“The Thailand eSports Arena will be a digital-sport battlefield for everyone,” said Infofed founder and chief executive Jirayod Theppipit. 
“Our objective is to change the mindset of Thai society towards eSports. Gaming used to be deemed a problem, but we are showing them that it can be part of the national agenda. 
“In 2022, eSports will be a part of the Asian Games. Opening the Thailand eSports Arena will pave way for Thai eSports athletes to take part in such regional and global tournaments.”
The arena’s first phase of 1,000 square metres will open by June. It will be able to support an expansion of up to 5,000 square metres.