Friday, August 06, 2021


Carabao launches apple drink

Carabao says it has expanded its market with its Green Apple energy drink from the UK with a promotion during the 2018 World Cup.



The “Sawasdee World Cup, Get Lucky with Carabao” campaign offers prizes worth Bt3 million until July 15.
Sathien Setthasit, CEO of Carabao Group Public Co Ltd, said it was targeting the working-age consumers and millennials, also called generation Y. 
“Carabao CAN Green Apple is a carbonated drink that refreshes and energises and comes in sophisticated and innovative packaging that is colourful and eye-catching. The product is outstanding with a unique taste. At present, Carabao CAN Green Apple is a great success in the United Kingdom and European markets. It is set to go on commercial release at 7-11 for Bt25 from June 14."
The company said it wanted to become the leading energy drink manufacturer in the next two years.

Published : June 13, 2018

By : The Nation