Sat, September 25, 2021


AMR Asia travels the rails in search of growth

THE THAILAND based AMR Asia Co Ltd sees strong growth dead ahead both at home and overseas. The project and solutions management firm is now in negotiations with Chinese firm TCT to collaborate on developing software for a rail system, and also with Switzerland’s Dropper Mayer to develop a cable car in Thailand.



“We expect business growth of up to 200 per cent over the next five years, included a recorded total backlog of projects on hand worth Bt6 billion,” said the company’s managing director, Marut Siriko. “[We see] total revenues of about Bt2 billion a year as we start to expand our business by learning and exchanging knowledge about projects and solutions management with foreign firm,” he told The Nation in an interview at his booth at InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin on Wednesday.
AMR Asia Co Ltd is one of Two Thai firms demonstrating their products and service at InnoTrans 2018 among a total 3,062 firms from 61 countries participating in the German transportation technology fair during September 18-21.
AMR Asia is showing off its |management solutions and its dynamic route map display system or DRMS.
“We joined this event for the first time in 2016, and again this year, because we want to demonstrate our own DRMS technology,” Marut said. “We also have experience providing project management, software and solutions for rail systems.”
After the company exhibited its business in InnoTrans 2016, they landed a contract to provide software to an India firm last year, he added. This year, several firms from the Middle East have shown an interest in learning about the company’s business.
“When we signed up for InnoTrans 2016, attracting new foreign orders was one of major reasons. We want to show that Thai firms have the ability to do business on the rail system, and to show our experience providing business solutions for BRT in Thailand and also that we got the contract to design the system for the Gold Line BTS route,” he said.
Marut and his initial team of 40 staff moved in the year 2000 from telecom giant DTAC and established AMR Asia Co Ltd with registered capital of Bt50 million to offer a myriad of solutions to enterprises seeking IT related products and services. 
The company researched and developed its own software and technology to provide a management system for railways. “We started from 40 staff, but now have 360 people, most of them engineers and software designers,” he said.

Published : September 20, 2018