Thursday, September 23, 2021


@cosme store aims to cash in on Thai love of cosmetics

JAPAN’S istyle Inc, which operates “@cosme,” the largest comprehensive site for cosmetics and beauty in that country, has opened an @cosme store at Iconsiam, the first of its kind in both Thailand and the Asean bloc.



The cosmetics specialty store is based on the concept of “Experience, Discover, Your @cosme,” was opened through the consolidated subsidiary, istyle Retail (Thailand) Co Ltd.
The company has set its future plan to open five @cosme stores in Thailand within the next three years.
The @cosme brand relies heavily on leading smart technologies. Merchandise is selected based on fulfilling the needs of customers through analysis of a word-of mouth-database and of the history of user behaviour on @cosme. It also uses IT to create and operate the sales floors, and has implemented ideas from web service KPIs that place an emphasis on frequency of visits and visitor counts. 
The @cosme store Lumine Est Shinjuku, the first @cosme store to open (in 2007), boasts the No one position in sales volume among all cosmetics specialty stores in Japan. There are now 26 stores in Japan and seven stores overseas and the chain is committed to expansion. Compared to other Asian countries, Thailand has a large market for cosmetics and is noted for its high interest in beauty. Thailand’s beauty and personal care products market was valued at approximately Bt198.13 billion in 2017, and that market is expected to grow further with a forecast worth of Bt260.74 billion by 2022.
Attention among consumers who are shopping for beauty and personal care is shifting through multi-brand beauty stores, which offer the full range from mass to high-end products in one shop. In fact, @cosme arrives in Thailand with many locals already aware of the brand and its popularity in Japan. Based on these circumstances, the company aims to further expand the @cosme brand recognition even further in Thailand through its first store in Thailand at Iconsiam.
The location was selected with high expectations that Iconsiam would be a new landmark in Bangkok. The layout of the first store in Thailand leans on the knowledge accumulated in Japan. The characteristics of this store include a wide product selection from affordable cosmetics to department store cosmetics; counselling to address concerns about skin and makeup; an environment that encourages customers freely trying out nearly all products; and an event space that provides experiences that customers will want to share. As well, there is a play space for children to have fun while in the store.
The main brands available at @cosme store at Iconsiam include @cosme nippon, Kanebo, Lunasol, Anna Sui, Paul & Joe, excel, Flowfushi, Sekkisei, Kate, Neal’s Yard Remedies, Perfect One, Cher Couleur and Curel. 

Published : December 03, 2018