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THAI Smile joins hands with Café Amazon to serve coffee on board 

THAI Smile and PTTOR create a new experience by serving Thai coffee on board the aircraft for the first time, reinforcing its operations for the sustainability of society, communities and environment 



The airline and PTT Oil and Retail Public Company Limited (PTTOR) sign a memorandum of cooperation to bring a typically strong coffee of Cafe Amazon, which is an Arabica strain that PTTOR purchased from the Royal Project Foundation, to serve for all passengers in every flight for the first time.
The cooperation will start from quarter 4 of this year and is collaboration in conducting business with social and environmental responsibility and reinforcing PTTOR's business operations by assisting coffee growers in Thailand to have knowledge in improving plantation, raw coffee beans, as well as bean processing into coffee with quality and environmentally-friendly production processes.
PTTOR also promotes the creation of community enterprises to be able to operate sustainably by community itself, helps them improve the quality of life of the people in the community to be stronger.
At the same time, THAI Smile Airways and PTTOR also invite the media team to witness the real experience, inspecting the production process and processing of Arabica coffee beans and visit the first coffee tree of Doi Inthanon at Ban Lung Phayo Taro, Pakakayor hill tribe, whom HM King Rama 9 has granted a royal audience once since 1974 at Ban Nong Lom, Chom Thong district, Chiang Mai province. 

THAI Smile’s Charita Leelayuth, acting chief executive officer revealed the cooperation with Cafe Amazon that the airline has the intention to deliver services with a smile, create and present the best service beyond expectation and always carry maximum satisfaction.
The airline sees the importance of cooperation with Cafe Amazon in order to bring a specially fine selection of quality coffee with mellow fragrance and a signature of Café Amazon, being served to its passengers, with the aims to have all of them feel a uniquely exclusive experience and take pride in being part of the true support for coffee consumption in the country.
The coffee beans served here are Arabica from the Royal Project Foundation which is of international standard quality grown by hill tribe farmers, coffee growers who have developed the potential to make a stable income without cultivating illegal crops, without destroying the forest. It is regarded as a sustainable conservation of natural resources. (Eco-Efficiency).
"The plan for this year, we are committed to delivering the best service with service development plan, focusing on every detail and perfect changes in order to impress our VIP passengers.
Instantaneously, THAI Smile Airways is moving forward with a full-fledged social enterprise policy that will drive the role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) related to the creation of sustainability for the community, society and environment to support the THAI Smile Loves Earth Policy. It is intended for everyone to see concrete outcomes, aiming to be one of the eco-friendly airlines and being a full world-friendly airline. The cooperation with Café Amazon aims to extend common ideology as to make Cafe Amazon's intention to bring Arabica coffee of the Royal Project Foundation of Thailand to be widely accepted, both domestic and overseas. The goal can be achieved with THAI Smile as a co-sponsor and key driver to success. We focus on creating satisfaction and delight in the taste of coffee, the exclusive drink served to passengers as well as communicating the role of entities that create a path of sustainability of both organisations."

Jiraporn Khaosawat, chief executive officer and president of PTTOR, the brand manager of Cafe Amazon, mentioned that the collaboration with "Cafe Amazon is opted to bring Arabica coffee bean products that PTTOR purchases from the Royal Project Foundation in Chiang Mai, to roast and produce with a unique roasting identity of the Café Amazon combined coffee with a mellow, aromatic flavor, typical of Arabica coffee, to serve all passengers on all routes with coffee beans purchased from the Royal Project foundation. It is a coffee bean that has been produced under the research and development program of coffee plantation and production for natural resource conservation for sustainable development. And raw coffee bean’s trading project with the Royal Project Foundation in Chiang Mai province.
This cooperation is, therefore, an opportunity for passengers to experience the strong taste of coffee that is unique to Cafe Amazon and also helps support Thai farmers who grow coffee in the country to have better living conditions and improve the community to be stronger together with conservation of soil, water and forests together.
In addition, there is a plan to conduct the feasibility study on promoting products and services of both organisations reciprocally in order to continue building up business opportunities in the future in order to create new experiences and satisfactions for passengers to the utmost. It is expected to see this cooperation more clearly within the year 2019.
The signing ceremony announces clear intention and push various projects and policies for sustainable growth together between two firms. THAI Smile Airways is ready to serve premium coffee, The Cafe Amazon, for all seats of THAI Smile Airways in every flight, starting from Q4 of 2019 onwards.

Published : February 15, 2019

By : The Nation