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UOB launches Asean's first mobile-only bank in Thailand

United Overseas Bank (Thai) (UOB Thai) has announced the launch of TMRW, Asean's first mobile-only bank for the region, in Thailand.

According to a press release from UOB on Friday, Thailand's digital generation, which makes up one-third of the total Thai population, expects effortless and engaging digital experiences in how they are helped to manage their money.
TMRW's Different Generation, Different Solutions approach was designed to meet their needs in a manner in sync with and distinct to their lifestyles.
Tan Choon Hin, president and CEO of UOB (Thai), said: "Thailand is home to a large base of young and digitally-savvy consumers. With technology and connectivity increasingly driving changes in lifestyles, behaviour and perceptions, the digital generation here live very differently from the generations that have come before them. 
“These millennials with their 'mobile first' and 'mobile only' expectations and preferences, are also increasingly influencing how businesses connect with their customers.
"On a global scale, Thailand is also ranked number one for mobile banking users and is third for mobile commerce according to the Global Digital Report 2019. To serve the banking needs of Thailand's digitally-savvy consumers, we are debuting TMRW – Asean's first mobile-only bank – in Thailand," he said.

Published : March 01, 2019

By : The Nation