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MONDAY, September 26, 2022
Significant experience with new truck generation in Scania test & drive event

Significant experience with new truck generation in Scania test & drive event

WEDNESDAY, March 13, 2019
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Scania recently hosted a Test & Drive event for its new truck generation to give truck operators and media a significant experience at Thai Bridgestone Proving Ground, Wang Noi District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province.

Two weeks after the official launch of the New Truck Generation in Thailand, Scania arranged a test and drive event for truck operators and media to showcase the New Truck Generation, according to its press release.
Scania’s new product range has reached success all over the world by gaining market shares in all markets it has been launched. Today more than 80 000 units has been delivered and put into customer operation and proven outstanding results in terms of safety, performance, driver environment and uptime.
For the time of the Test & Drive at Thai Bridgestone Proving Ground, a broad line up of different specifications stood available for the guests to give them a taste of the new product range and a hands on experience. Several different cab sizes, spanning from the majestic R sleeper cab to the smaller but still spacious P day cab with a low roof.
The press release mentioned that the most noticeable change is of course Scania’s new cab range. Driver safety, comfort, interior quality and living conditions; everything has been elevated to new heights. The interior has been designed in a smart and logical way, with buttons, leavers and storages that are easy to reach and gives a feeling of being in control. The dashboard has been pushed forward and downwards, which has led to a more spacious cab, a better driver position and better visibility.
The improvement under the cab is also as impressive as the inside.
Scania sets a new standard both regarding active and passive safety, with the markets strongest cab structure, improved breaking performance, and features such as Advanced Emergency Breaking and rollover side airbag.
With the launch of the New Truck Generation, Scania does not only launch a new product. They also present a full range of new, attractive financial, insurance and service packages that are being tailored to the customers operation. All presented and showcased for the guests during the Test & Drive. 
Stefan Dorski, managing director of Scania Siam said, “Scania is not just launching a new truck range but also a unique, ingenious toolbox of sustainable solutions in the form of products and services with the aim to give our customers the necessary tools for achieving profitability in the only business that really matter; namely their own.”
A highlight of the event was the first Euro 6 heavy vehicle in Thailand, with Scania’s new generation gas engine that is purely designed to run on gas, but has the performance equal to a traditional diesel engine. Running on gas will lead to a reduction of fuel cost, and in parallel have a positive impact on the environment and the air quality.
The day at the test track with Scania gave an additional experience of what a true masterpiece, Scania now is offering to their customers.