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Why Thais love their stickering

People have been using Line stickers for seven years and today’s biggest fans in Thailand often own as many as 65 sets.



Of that number, about 20 sets would have been purchased, putting Thailand among the three countries that have seen the biggest growth in use. Revenues overall have risen 30 to 45 per cent. 
Line is now getting its online content creators to diversify the styles available and sales channels are expanded to partnering platforms.
The aim is to more sustainably support Thai creators.
Kanop Supamanop of Line Thailand said 2019 had seen a satisfying growth in the business. 
Customers bought 20 sticker sets each for personal use on average and with free stickers widely available often own up to 65 sets. The stickers have been integrated as a part of lifestyle and communication tool for Thai people. 
Aside from replacing word text with quick, colourful message bursts, stickers can convey feelings more clearly. 
Growth has been continuous, especially in the Line Creators Market, which in the first half of the year became the second-largest creative base in the region.
Line stickers’ important role as a communication and marketing tool for brands and artists is their use in connecting up the fan bases of leading entertainers. 
Different artists and celebrities have joined in the creation of more than 100 sticker sets in the official market. Some of the recently most popular stickers have come from BNK48, the Toys and Chris Singto.
The strategy this year will be to continue focusing on keeping the fun alive for users. Custom stickers have been unveiled to which users can add words themselves. 
There are now more sales and payment channels thanks to the firm’s partners such as AIS, whose customers can exchange AIS points for stickers directly via the My AIS application. 

Why Thais love their stickering

The Line Creators Market launched in Thailand in 2014 has contests and workshops to boost sales of different characters. It was also a goal for the stickers to showcase the talent of independent artists and thus support the overall sticker industry in Thailand. 
The resulting creative community isn’t limited to designers alone but also welcomes amateurs who have created hit stickers. Most recently the firm partnered with Pichai Kaewwichit, known as “Motorcycle Taxi Photographer” on a theme created from his hit photographs.
Currently there are 480,000 sticker creators in Thailand. More than two million sets of stickers made by Thais are sold on the Line Creators Market, amounting to 35 per cent of the total available for purchase. 
From this amount, there were 28 characters by Thai creators that also found success internationally and created added value beyond just stickers themselves.
“Line has created a new job as sticker creator that some have made a side job and some their main job,” Kanop said. “Not only has it created jobs for hundreds of thousands of Thais, it’s also a space of opportunities for international growth.”
There are three types of stickers available – sponsored stickers given away for free, the official paid stickers of famous characters and artists, and those from the Creators Market open for all creators.

Published : July 09, 2019