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Jarton expands into smart-home market

Jarton Group has launched “Jarton Home”, the first one-stop mobile application in Asean that can control Wi-Fi Smart Home functions from the fingertips, managing director T-Tutt Jungkankul said. 
“Jarton aims to become the number one firm in smart home solutions this year and take a top-five spot in the construction industry by 2022,” said T-Tutt.
The smart home and building market has the potential to grow 25-30 per cent in the near future.
T-Tutt said Jarton Home, which uses the Wi-Fi Smart Home system and has four main categories of equipment, caters to house and condominium owners. 
He said these owners can instantly gain control of their smart devices by using an existing Wi-Fi connection through a 2.4Ghz router via the Jarton Home smartphone application, which is now available on both Android and iOS devices. 
T-Tutt said the construction market with different sub-segments in Thailand is valued at about Bt20 billion. He pointed out that Jarton is able to secure a large chunk of market share in the segments of window and door systems, installation services, water closet systems, senior citizens assistance equipment, and smart home and building systems.
The company will focus on penetrating the smart home and building market by working with various project developers and contractors who are interested in suitable systems, he said.
The company will continue to entice house and condominium owners who need Wi-Fi Smart Home systems with its offerings, T-Tutt said, boasting that Jarton’s smart devices are stand-alone and do not need third-party gateway devices.

Published : July 30, 2019

By : The Nation