Tuesday, August 03, 2021


Joint effort makes it easier to recycle plastic

The IVL Foundation and waste-management startup GEPP will work together to get more Thais recycling PET bottles sustainably, thus promoting a waste-free “circular economy”.



The foundation meanwhile distributed 70 waste bins to the embassies of Portugal, the Netherlands, India, Indonesia and Ireland.
Foundation chairwoman Suchitra Lohia described it as a non-profit organisation supporting the public interest and community livelihoods for a sustainable society. It seeks to reduce negative impacts on the environment by raising awareness about reducing industrial and household waste.
“GEPP’s service includes on-demand pickup of recyclables from homes and offices in Bangkok,” she said. “Used PET bottles will be processed into recycled polyester fibres for use in clothes and fabrics. We expect our cooperation to minimise the amount of PET waste and to educate people about why recycling is important and how to sort and collect waste properly.”
GEPP co-founder and CEO Mayuree Aroonwaranon said the digital platform that connects buyers and sellers of recyclables had studied urban residents’ behaviour. 
“Despite the enthusiasm of Thai people and widespread campaigns against the dumping of plastic waste, we found that there are still things people need to learn,” she said.
“Firstly, they must have knowledge about their waste materials at home, secondly, they must separate waste properly, and finally, there must be a reliable system to support people who are ready to change their behaviour. 
“GEPP plans to gradually expand its service area from inner Bangkok to outer Bangkok and another 10 provinces. We are confident that this cooperation with the IVL Foundation will be one of the driving forces to reduce the problem of plastic waste in Thailand and to raise public awareness.”

Published : August 27, 2019

By : The Nation