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AIA Thailand launches new investment management entity

AIA Thailand, a leader in life assurance and unit-linked market in Thailand, has launched AIA Investment Management (Thailand) (AIAIMT) to manage funds under AIA-unit linked policies.



The company will leverage its over 30 years of portfolio management expertise, connect investors with opportunities through its global network, and upgrade sustainable investment and business operations with ESG (environmental, social and governance) principles.
AIAIMT comes with a lower fee for active funds offering better returns to customers.
Dr Mark Konyn, chief investment officer for AIA Group, said AIA is the world's largest insurance group with a strong investment experience in 18 countries in the Asia-Pacific and over 150 investment management experts across all regions in the world.
AIA Group realises the potential of managing the large amount of assets of AIA Thailand that have been invested in the bond, equity and property markets supported by extensive resources across AIA Group.
The opening of AIAIMT marks another major milestone for AIA in Thailand.
“AIAIMT will be one of the country's largest investment management companies with investment experts offering more than three decades of experience and successfully managing financial investment. AIAIMT will focus on a sustainable investment policy and operate its business by addressing ESG principles. This is aligned with AIA Group’s policy of operating with integrity to build opportunities to create solid and sustainable returns,” Konyn said.
Sukkawat Prasurtying, chief executive officer for AIAIMT, said the new operation was established with Bt100 million in registered capital to manage the assets and investments of AIA Thailand’s unit-linked plans.
Currently, AIAIMT is the third largest investment management firm in Thailand with Bt847 billion in assets under management. The company has an experienced team of fund managers accustomed to investing in both Thai and international markets. AIAIMT will connect with AIA Group's investment network across the world, together with other business partners to effectively manage investments.
AIAIMT has set up nine new funds, five of which are local and four foreign, focusing on long-term gains, covering industries with consistent growth and managed with careful risk management. AIAIMT has started off by launching the five local funds initially and will launch the foreign ones soon.

Published : August 10, 2020

By : The Nation