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DITN selects 20 dairy businessmen for trade talks with Guangzhou

The Department of International Trade Negotiations (DITN) aims to lead 20 selected dairy entrepreneurs out of a total of 81 to Guangzhou, China, for discussions in a plan to expand the kingdom’s overseas markets under free-trade agreements, DITN director-general Auramon Supthaweethum said.

The department had two years ago taken dairy businessmen on a similar trade trip to Shanghai and Singapore, with a successful penetration both markets.
“We are assessing the Covid-19 situation. If possible, we will go. If this is not possible, we must adjust to conduct business negotiations online instead,” Auramon said.
“But I believe that Thailand will be able to expand sales of its milk and dairy products to China as these have been developed in terms of quality and innovation, such as edible milk tablets that do not decay, milk tablets mixed with fruit, or pasteurised milk that can be stored for 40-45 days, making it possible to meet the needs of the market,” she said.
Under FTA deals, Thailand has reduced taxes to 0 per cent for almost all dairy products. The items that are expected to see a tax cut in 2021 and 2025 for Australia and New Zealand include milk powder products containing 1.5 per cent fat (not for raising babies), milk products, whey, butter, fat, cheese and cream products, milk-flavoured beverages and skimmed milk powder.
According to Auramon, Thai products have been recognised for their quality, an advantage in terms of export especially to Asean and Chinese markets.
In the first eight months of the year, Thailand exported cow’s milk and processed cow’s milk worth US$382 million (Bt11.92 billion) to world markets, an increase of 7.9 per cent.
Major dairy exports include UHT ready-to-drink milk, yoghurt and fresh milk, with the main markets being Asean (Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, Singapore), 82.7 per cent, China, 5.4 per cent, and Hong Kong, 3.4 per cent.

Published : October 08, 2020

By : The Nation