Mon, June 27, 2022


BCPG expects surge in earnings next year as more power plants begin supplies

BCPG Pcl, a leader in the renewable energy business in Thailand and the Asia-Pacific region, is targeting 30-40 per cent expansion in earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (Ebitda) in 2021 after estimated growth of 20 per cent this year.

“This year's expansion is due to income from the hydro-power plant in Laos and adjustment of electricity fee in the Philippines,” said Phatpuree Chinkulkitnivat, BCPG’s senior executive vice president of finance, accounting and corporate strategy.
“Next year, many of the company’s power plants will start supplying approximately 390 megawatts of power commercially, such as the solar power plant in Komagane, Japan 25MW, the Yabiki power plant 20MW and the Shiba 1 power plant 20MW.”
BCPG’s total portfolio is currently at 8,361MW, she added.
“Next year, the company has earmarked Bt18 billion for additional investment, merging and acquisition of power plants in both Thailand and Asia-Pacific region,” she said. “This comes from the Bt40-billion budget of our five-year plan [2021-2025] that focuses on expanding our power plants network in neighbouring countries.
“The company’s current balance sheet is stronger than ever. We have recently raised Bt10 billion of funds and can still borrow 2-3 times more to support our future investment projects,” she added.
“In the past nine months, our Ebitda has grown more than 30 per cent year on year, and is estimated to grow at 20 per cent by the year-end.”

Published : December 01, 2020