Wednesday, June 16, 2021


Dtac marks Christmas with faster internet speeds for subscribers

Total Access Communication’s subsidiary, Dtac Trinet, received the licence for its 700MHz spectrum from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission on Thursday and began rolling out high-speed wireless internet service for its customers right away.



Dtac had been preparing for this launch by expanding its network and said it will continue to do so next year.

After receiving the low-band licence on Christmas Eve, Dtac said it will start turning the spectrum on region by region for Dtac customers.

On December 24, internet speed will be boosted in and around Bangkok and select locations in the North, Northeast and South.

By mid-January, approximately 2,000 cell sites will be in operation followed by expansion nationwide.

Sharad Mehrotra, CEO of Total Access Communication PCL (Dtac), said: “Our 700MHz spectrum is critical to support Thai people’s new connectivity needs. Mobile data usage nearly doubled in 2020, and it grew even faster upcountry. Hence, we are currently expediting the deployment of 700MHz cell sites to serve our customers nationwide.”

Published : December 24, 2020

By : The Nation