Sun, September 26, 2021


Ajinomoto unveils healthy ‘answer’ to high-salt diet

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More than 22 million Thais suffer from ailments due to high salt and sodium consumption and each year 20,000 of them die from one of four related diseases, costing the country an estimated Bt98.9 billion a year.



To help tackle this problem, Japanese food corporation Ajinomoto has developed a low-sodium flavour enhancer to help Thai food manufacturers produce healthier instant noodles, snacks and seasoning products.

Salt Answer Kem can reduce salt use by 30 per cent while maintaining taste and enhancing the flavour of spices such as chilli and garlic, said Ajinomoto.

As a flavour-enhancer, the new product can also reduce ingredient costs for food producers, said the company.

Published : February 19, 2021

By : The Nation