Fri, December 03, 2021


SET down almost 1% as Covid surges on Friday

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Index closed at 1,553.59 on Friday, down 14.62 points or 0.93 per cent. The volume of total transactions was THB86.15 billion with an index high of 1,564.62 and a low of 1,550.62.

The index closed in negative territory on news that Thailand’s daily Covid-19 caseload had exceeded 2,000, US President Joe Biden's move to raise capital gains tax from 20 per cent to 39.6 per cent, and volatility in foreign fund flows. The resulting negative sentiment triggered investors to sell their stocks.

The 10 stocks with the highest trade value today were KBANK, STGT, STA, SAWAD, CPALL, INTUCH, BANPU, BCH, CPF and ADVANC.

Other Asian indices were on the rise with one exception:

Japan’s Nikkei Index closed at 29,020.63, down 167.54 points or 0.57 per cent.

China’s Shang Hai SE Composite Index closed at 3,474.17, up 9.05 points or 0.26 per cent, while Shenzhen SE Component Index closed at 14,351.86, up 142.41 points or 1.00 per cent.

Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index closed at 29,078.75, up 323.41 points or 1.12 per cent.

South Korea's KOSPI closed at 3,186.10, up 8.58 points or 0.27 per cent.

Taiwan's TAIEX Index closed at 17,300.27, up 203.30 points or 1.19 per cent.

Published : April 23, 2021

By : The Nation