Fri, October 15, 2021


Imported fish, seafood to undergo strict quality check in bid to boost consumption

In a bid to build consumer confidence, the Department of Fisheries has instructed its officials to check all imported fish and seafood products, check final processing steps and block illegal imports.

Mesak Pakdeekong, the department’s director-general, said due to Covid-19, people are not consuming much fish or seafood, which has brought down the prices.

“However, export of processed fish and seafood products is likely to pick up, so this is an opportunity for farmers to improve their processing system,” he said.

In a bid to gain confidence among people, he said the department has appointed the Fish Quarantine and Fishing Vessels Inspection Division and Fish Inspection and Quality Control Division to check imported fish and seafood products. The departments are also tasked with ensuring all processing procedures are done in line with the department’s standards.

He also dismissed rumours that Thailand was importing shrimp from India, saying that the import of shrimp from the subcontinent had been banned since 2017. However, the department is evaluating Indian shrimp exporters.


“We confirm that all processes related to fish and seafood products are done under the department’s supervision. Hence, we call on businesses, farmers and consumers to start selling and buying fish and seafood products in a bid to stimulate the country’s economy,” he added.

Published : June 18, 2021

By : The Nation