Wed, December 08, 2021


GSB awarded as the most helpful bank during the pandemic crisis

Government Savings Bank (GSB) won the most valuable award "Most Helpful Bank During Covid-19 in Thailand", the bank that helps those in need during the pandemic crisis, reinforcing the role of the social bank.

The GSB’s Director Vitai Rattanakorn said on Wednesday that the bank has set its determination to be a social bank that reduces inequality and promotes justice among the society. Especially during the Covid-19 crisis where GSB was one of the top organisations that stood out to continuously offer helps and supports to those who were affected by the pandemic crisis. The award from The Asian Banker magazine as 'the Most Helpful Bank During Covid-19 in Thailand' at The Asian Banker Thailand Awards 2021 on Tuesday is a result that guarantees the GSB’s good wills towards the country, said the director.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the bank has alleviated the government sector missions and helped those who suffered for a total of 36 projects which valued more than 200 billion baht. Over 11 million Thais have been aided through various measures such as the credit measures to enhance liquidity for small businesses and SMEs, the debt moratorium via an online platform which was convenient and in line with the situation, including the social assistance project “CSR, GSB Cares and Supports the Society”. Such actions have proved that GSB is the centre that provides help for those in need in a bid to march through the difficult times until the situation in the country returns to normal.

Published : October 20, 2021