Wed, May 25, 2022


Thai students tuck into ‘Edible Vegetable Garden Project’ Season 5

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Students at Wat Na Un School in Nakhon Pathom school are now digesting healthy life lessons at lunchtime thanks to an innovative project funded by Thai Central Chemical Plc (TCCC).

The Edible Vegetable Garden Project has now been rolled out at nine schools by the producer and distributor of OX-Brand, Baby, Singha and TCCC chemical fertiliser.
Munetake Kawakita, TCCC’s executive officer and senior vice president, recently presented a demonstration plot and agricultural equipment to Wat Na Un school director Chalalai Chaichompoo director.
Now in its fifth year, the Edible Vegetable Garden Project provides knowledge of basic agriculture for primary school students, starting with sowing seeds, cultivation, and fertilisation to improve yields.
Vegetables grown in the project also go into school lunches, with the surplus sold to generate income for the schools and expansion of the project.
Meanwhile students play games, answer questions, win prizes and undergo practical training at the demonstration plot to learn about agriculture.
TCC said the Edible Vegetable Garden Project equips students with skills to grow vegetables at home, distribute the produce and manage their income and expenses. This means they can earn pocket money while studying vegetable cultivation under the sufficiency economy principle of sustainability.

Published : January 10, 2022