"Japan-ASEAN Startup Fair 2024: Connecting networks for sustainable growth

FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 2024

Krungsri (Bank of Ayudhya PCL) reaffirms its commitment to being “The Leading Sustainable and Regional Bank” by joining forces with leading partners, to organise the Japan-ASEAN Startup Business Matching Fair 2024.

This event aims to create business matching opportunities for over 60 startups from six countries with more than 180 leading international companies.

This initiative enhances the startup ecosystem and fosters network connections, driving growth in the ASEAN region and Japan. Through this collaboration, Krungsri and its partners play a key role in promoting sustainable regional economic growth.

On this occasion, Otaka Masato, Japanese ambassador to Thailand, presided over the ceremony and gave the opening speech.

In his address, he said that promoting the startup ecosystem is one of the key missions of the Japanese government under the Five-Year Joint Action Plan on Japan-Thailand Strategic Economic Partnership.

Key areas of cooperation include projects related to Japan's "Green Transformation (GX)" strategy and Thailand's "BCG Economy".

It is hoped that this will lead to the growth of startup businesses and digital transformation in the region.

\"Japan-ASEAN Startup Fair 2024: Connecting networks for sustainable growth

Kenichi Yamato, Krungsri President and Chief Executive Officer said, “ The valuable collaboration between ASEAN, Japan, and the MUFG network has been instrumental in making this the largest startup business matching event in ASEAN, creating over 400 business matching opportunities in just a single day.”

Krungsri, a strategic member of the MUFG group, boasts extensive expertise and a network spanning over 40 countries worldwide. With more than a decade of strong experience in business matching activities, Krungsri has effectively leveraged its strengths to create diverse platforms for customers to connect with potential business partners from Japan and across ASEAN.

The Japan-ASEAN Startup Business Matching Fair 2024 serves as a platform for over 60 rising startups from six countries—Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Vietnam, and Indonesia—in promising sectors such as Health Tech & Aging Society, FinTech, Food Tech, E-Commerce, Factory Automation, and ESG Solutions.

These startups will have the opportunity to meet with more than 180 leading companies from six countries, fostering significant business connections.

In addition to startup pitching sessions to investors, the event features business matching activities, exhibitions by over 60 entrepreneurs and startups, and seminars by Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting and Mitsubishi Research Institute. These seminars will provide valuable insights on collaboration strategies to practically address social issues in ASEAN.

The event also highlights the role of Japanese startups in advancing technology and industry in Thailand and the Mekong region. Additionally, Krungsri ASEAN LINK will also host workshops offering business consulting for those interested in investing in ASEAN. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of leading E-Commerce startups from Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Additionally, Krungsri has signed two memorandums of understanding (MOUs). Both collaborations aim to foster an environment and ecosystem conducive to the development of startups.

“ This event marks a significant step in strengthening the startup ecosystem in the region, enabling the development of innovations or technologies to address global challenges,” Yamato concluded.