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MONDAY, December 11, 2023

Cisco and Indosat to aid Southeast Asia beat scammers and cyber threats

Cisco and Indosat to aid Southeast Asia beat scammers and cyber threats
THURSDAY, September 21, 2023

Global technology corporation Cisco has entered into a partnership with Indosat Ooredoo, an Indonesian telecommunications operator, to improve cybersecurity awareness and digital literacy in the region. The MOU was signed on September 13 at the W Hotel in Thailand.

The partnership, which will run for the next three years, aims to train 200,000 Indonesians in essential cybersecurity skills, a crucial step towards securing the nation's digital landscape.

Cisco’s collaboration with the Indonesian telecommunications company is part of a broader initiative to foster digital transformation and improve cybersecurity capabilities across Southeast Asia. The focus is not only on providing technology solutions but also on building digital literacy among the population.

In a recent interview with The Nation, Sanjay Kaul, President of Service Provider, Cisco Asia Pacific and Japan, and Vikram Sinha, chief executive officer of Indosat Ooredoo, emphasised the importance of securing the country's digital infrastructure.

Sanjay Kaul, President of Service Provider, Cisco Asia Pacific and Japan

Kaul noted that as more data and services move to the cloud and 5G networks expand, the need for robust cybersecurity becomes paramount.

Cisco is committed to delivering end-to-end security solutions, covering everything from core networks to endpoints and devices, he added.

The partnership between Cisco and Indosat Ooredoo is not an isolated endeavour. Cisco's Networking Academy programme, a global initiative that has trained millions of students worldwide, is actively involved in building digital literacy. The programme has achieved significant success, with a high percentage of students finding employment after completing their training.

The collaboration between Cisco and the Indosat Ooredoo serves as a model for fostering digital transformation and cybersecurity skills in the region and aligns with Indonesia's broader vision of digitalising its industries and infrastructure. Similar initiatives are also being considered for Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia.

The interview also touched on the broader landscape of digital transformation in Southeast Asia.

Vikram Sinha, chief executive officer of Indosat Ooredoo

According to Sinha, the region is experiencing significant growth in digital technologies, making it essential for businesses to adapt. Key recommendations include:

1. Building a digital platform: Telecommunications networks should evolve into digital platforms with open APIs, facilitating connections with application and content providers. This openness is critical for delivering services and applications efficiently.

2. Ubiquitous security: With the growing prevalence of cloud services and edge computing, security must be comprehensive. It should extend from the core network to applications and endpoints to ensure the safety of data and services.

3. Digital literacy: Ensuring that the population, particularly in rural areas, is digitally literate is crucial. People need to be trained to effectively utilise these technologies.

Cisco and Indosat to aid Southeast Asia beat scammers and cyber threats

The discussion also touched upon the challenges and opportunities in expanding Cisco's presence in Thailand. Cisco emphasized the importance of forging strategic partnerships that align with the country's vision for digitalisation.

"The trend of collaboration in the business world, emphasising that the digital ecosystem thrives on partnerships. No single entity can achieve digital transformation alone, and collaboration is essential for success," Kaul pointed out.

In response to a question about the impact of age on employment in the technology sector, Cisco stressed its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Their hiring practices focus on skills and potential rather than age or other demographics.

The conversation concluded with a discussion of cybersecurity challenges, particularly in the context of increasing cashless payments and e-commerce, with Sinha stressing the importance of embedding security at every level of the digital ecosystem to protect against scammers and cyber threats.