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SUNDAY, October 01, 2023

Jabra finds growth in investment on equipment due to hybrid working

Jabra finds growth in investment on equipment due to hybrid working
MONDAY, May 29, 2023

A survey conducted by Denmark-based Jabra indicates that the working behaviours of the new generation are highly blended.

The survey found that 10% of employees work remotely, 42% work in full-time office settings, while over 48% engage in hybrid working.

Compared to the previous year, remote working has decreased by approximately 9%, full-time office work has increased by 5%, and hybrid working has increased by 3%.

Aurangzeb Khan, deputy senior vice president of Intelligent Visual Solutions at Jabra, a provider of personal audio innovations and business solutions, said that the trend of hybrid working continues to grow steadily. It is interesting to note that when working together, the majority of employees desire equal participation, he said.

Data reveals that 59% of employees feel that interactive engagement, whether offline or online, is crucial for work efficiency.

When sharing opinions or offering new ideas, 76% of the people polled find video conferences more convenient, whereas 24% prefer real meetings.

Overall, 64% of the people believe that face-to-face meetings, regardless of whether they are online or offline, create a more trustworthy atmosphere, he said.

Khan revealed that the trend towards hybrid working has driven continuous growth in the demand for investments in equipment and online meeting solutions.

Jabra finds growth in investment on equipment due to hybrid working

While many organisations have increased the number of employees returning to the office, they have adopted hybrid working formats to accommodate the flexibility needs of the new generation. This allows employees to have the option of working from both home and the office.

Additionally, using personal devices for communication and work has increased, prompting organisations to seek efficient solutions that support remote meetings and effectively manage personal devices.

This addresses past issues where audio signals were unclear and the quality of images and videos was not natural.

A global survey discovered that only 15% of employees stated that all office meeting rooms supported video conferencing. More than 80 million meeting rooms worldwide were yet to be equipped or reinforced with comprehensive video-conferencing capabilities.

Jabra finds growth in investment on equipment due to hybrid working

Jabra recently launched the "Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar System”, the latest addition to the Jabra PanaCast family. It is an intelligent video conferencing solution that elevates the hybrid working experience, enabling smooth and convenient work from both home and the office. It is compatible with Microsoft teams rooms and Zoom rooms on the Android operating system, Khan said.

Sathaporn Sumpapab, Jabra country and regional manager for Thailand and Indo-China Business, emphasised that even though the Covid-19 situation is gradually improving, many customers continue to invest in video conferencing, audio, and headset solutions to support continuous collaboration.

"I have seen that many companies are renovating their offices, reducing the size of rented spaces, and upgrading meeting rooms to open opportunities for employees to work in a hybrid manner," said Sathaporn.

For Jabra, the marketing strategy in Thailand prioritises customer work experiences, offering advanced technologies that cater to the trends of the new working era and the changing lifestyles of employees. Particularly, flexible working remains a strong trend. Today, the younger generation does not want to work in the office every day.

Currently, the company's customer base consists of both international and local companies. They are confident that there are ample market opportunities, with customers from various industries in both the public and private sectors.