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UIH opens data centre with international standards

Jul 18. 2019
Sunti Medhavikul, managing director of UIH
Sunti Medhavikul, managing director of UIH
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By Jirapan Boonnoon
The Nation

United Information Highway (UIH) has launched the UIH BCH4 Data Centre, which the company says will serve technologies of the future with international standards under the principle of carrier neutrality.

Sunti Medhavikul, managing director of UIH, said as a digital infrastructure and solution provider, UIH uses its digital infrastructure of cloud, networks and cyber security to serve customers’ demands and help them achieve digital transformation.

UIH’s infrastructure was built to serve emerging technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain.

These emerging technologies will generate a large amount of data and they require real-time processing power. Digital infrastructure needs to restructure to become more scalable, agile, and efficient to cope up with the changes, Sunti said. “Such demand drives the higher need of cloud computing which, therefore means the higher need for decent data centres,” Sunit said. “We estimate the compound annual growth rate of data center services in Thailand will grow approximately 15 per cent from 2020 to 2025.”

Sunti said the opening of UIH BCH4, in the Benchachinda Building in Chatuchak, will enhance the company’s capability to fulfil customers’ requirements as well as lift itself to become “a data centre as a service provider” in Thailand.

“Data centres are regarded as the backbone of digital economy infrastructure in the new era. It not only helps enhance the organization’s IT system to be more reliable and flexible, but also accelerate the development of new innovation to come out to the market faster. So, the services offered through the UIH BCH4 data centre will be a foundation to enhance the organization’s ICT infrastructure to achieve digital transformation,” Sunti said.

Panitharn Payackapan, data centre services business unit head at UIH, said the UIH BCH4 comes with 300-rack capacity, design and facilities that meets international standards and is a carrier-neutral data centre. “The highlight of UIH BCH4 comprises standards, security, and connectivity,” Panitharn said.

 “For co-location, UIH operates comprehensive IT facilities whereby customers can place their servers, or IT systems supported by corporate grade high-speed internet provided to its tenants as a default. Customers may go for half rack or full rack, which is equipped with fully redundant uninterrupted power systems in properly controlled environment.

“For private area, the service is to provide a metal cage surrounding the racks to offer higher security with multi-factor authentication for access control. For business continuity office, UIH offers office space with high-speed internet to customers. In case of emergencies, customers can use the facilities to smoothly run and continue their business with no interruption.

“For smart-hand service, UIH can perform basic and non-complicated tasks at customer racks on customers’ behalf based on agreed procedures. This service is offered for customers who don’t want to come to data center to perform such simple tasks.”

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