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Porpoise found dead, lacerated on Trat beach

A finless porpoise was found dead on a Koh Chang beach on Wednesday morning, gashed by what appeared to be boat propellers.

Nitchai Phanthudej, chief of the Park Protection Unit 2 of the Mu Koh Chang National Park, said male porpoise, about 10 years old, weighing 45 kilogrammes and 143 centimetres in length, was discovered on Haad Sai Khao in Trat.

Porpoise found dead, lacerated on Trat beach
It had deep cuts to its crown of the head and left cheek, apparently inflicted by boat propeller, and had been dead for perhaps two days.
The cause of death was to be determined at the Rayong Marine Biology Centre.
Nitchai blamed speedboat propellers for the deaths of “several” porpoises in the Gulf of Thailand off Trat.
The Indo-Pacific finless porpoise is so named because it lacks the dorsal fin common to other porpoises and dolphins.

Published : March 06, 2019

By : The Nation