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SET REPREIVE  16 ‘SP’ securities get  one-month temporary trading

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The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has announced that 16 listed securities which have been posted with the SP (“suspension”) sign for longer than a consecutive three-month period and have never been allowed temporary trading since that posting, will be allowed a one-month temporary trading during July 1-31, 2019.


The 16 affected securities are A5, BLISS, BUI, CHUO, EARTH, GSTEL, IFEC, KC, KTECH, NBC, NMG, POLAR, PRO, STHAI, TSF and WR.
 After that one-month of temporary trading (starting August 1, 2019), these securities will be reposted with the “SP” sign. Once all issues of each listed securities are successfully solved, the securities trading will be resumed as usual. In the event that the securities still fail to eliminate clauses within the deadline, they will be delisted, SET said in a Thursday release.
As these 16 securities have long been posted with the SP sign, SET urges investors who have invested in securities under aforementioned conditions to carefully consider trading those securities. 
SET will post the non-compliance or NC sign on securities during the trading period and investors are required to purchase such securities through a cash balance account (in which the investors have to pay the full amount in cash) prior to purchasing, in order to alert investors to be prudent.
SET advises investors to carefully study information including financial position, performance, auditor’s opinion, major shareholders, board of directors and historical news, as well as related factors and risks before trading such securities.
SET also announced that three listed securities, namely IEC, LVT, and YNP, will be delisted from SET and will be allowed temporary trading for seven working days during July 1-9, 2019 before the delisting becomes effective on July 10.

Published : June 20, 2019

By : The Nation