Thu, August 11, 2022


New course aims to prepare Thai entrepreneurs to tap overseas opportunities

The Thailand Overseas Investment Support Centre (TOISC) is launching a training course to educate Thai investors on overseas investment opportunities, especially in CLMVI (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia) and South Asia.

The director of the Board of Investment’s Thai Overseas Investment Promotion Division, Punlop Punyasiri, said that currently several Thai investors were interested in studying investment opportunities in CLMVI countries and South Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
“The main industries in which Thai investors have invested abroad are construction, agriculture and agricultural products processing, and energy and alternative energy industries,” he said.
“Vietnam and Cambodia are the countries where Thai investors have invested the most, followed by Myanmar and Laos.”
The TOISC has groomed 17 batches of Thai overseas investors. This training course aims to provide knowledge in business operations and create a new generation of Thai investors to invest overseas. More than 600 people have passed this training.
“This training course of 60 hours will open in March this year,” Punlop said.
“The curriculum will focus on strategies and processes needed for investment, management, and bringing profits back to Thailand. Lecturers who have expertise in overseas business will also take questions on doing business abroad.”
The training centre will allow the participants to study investment opportunities in at least one country, including Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and South China.
“The participants will have an opportunity to meet government and private agencies, as well as participate in business-matching activities with local investors in the country, such as purchasing raw materials and joint marketing,” Punlop said.
“In the beginning, most of the participants in this training course were SMEs [small and medium-sized enterprises] with potential, but now we also allow representatives from large companies to participate. Businesses of participants who have invested in CLMVI range from trading, engineering design consulting, digital, logistics, textiles, processed foods, and frozen foods.”

Published : January 11, 2020

By : The Nation