Sat, November 27, 2021


SET buoyed by jump in crude oil price as Saudis cut output

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Index rose by 12.97 points, or 0.88 per cent, to 1,491.02 in the morning session on Tuesday.

Krungsri Securities forecast that the SET on Tuesday will move between 1,485-1,490 points, in line with other stock markets in the region, after investors relaxed their focus on the GameStop shares case in Wall Street.

The securities firm said that the stock market was supported by the increased price of crude oil, due to Saudi Arabia reducing its production.

The firm also warned investors about foreign funds continually flowing out.

Besides, it added that investors should purchase stocks whose earnings – to be announced in the near future – show a growth over the previous quarter, such as PTTGC, TOP, IVL, EPG, VNT, CBG, ROJNA, TVO, STGT, CPF, RCL, PSL, SYNEX, COM7, XO, WICE, JMT, JMART, SINGER, MTC, SAW, AD and KCE.

CBG, ICHI, OSP, SAPPE, RBF and DOD, who are benefited after the use of hemp for economic use has been allowed.

Published : February 02, 2021