Sun, January 23, 2022


BMA to allow more ‘hospitels’ as Covid cases rise

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The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is planning to establish more hospitels, or hotels converted into hospitals, for patients without severe Covid-19 symptoms to cope with the increasing number of serious virus patients in the province, Governor Aswin Kwanmuang said on Tuesday.

“Hospitels will help take care of patients with no progressive symptoms and reduce crowding at public and private hospitals, which should be focusing on treating more serious patients,” he said.

“We are now screening hotels that will take in patients from hospitals under the BMA to make sure they are well equipped and safe for both patients and staff,” Aswin said.

“Hotels that are interested in becoming a hospitel can contact the environment division at their district office,” the governor added.

The Public Health Ministry stipulated that to become a hospitel, a hotel should have more than 30 rooms with a separated ventilation system, necessary medical and office equipment, and be staffed with adequate medical professionals who have sufficient protective gear. The building must also have an efficient waste management system to prevent an environmental impact on surrounding communities.

On Tuesday Bangkok reported 350 new infections, driving the accumulated cases in the province since April 1 to 3,965 patients and rendering it the province with the highest number of infections in the country, followed by Chiang Mai at 2,366 and Chonburi 1,362.

Published : April 21, 2021