Sat, November 27, 2021


16 of 18 Covid patients in home isolation have recovered

Of the 18 Covid-19 patients kept in “home isolation” lately, 16 have recovered but the condition of two has worsened, the Department of Medical Services said on Monday.

The department director-general, Dr Somsak Akkasilp, explained that home isolation was initially organised by Rajavithi Hospital in Bangkok. The two patients whose condition had worsened were taken back to the hospital for treatment.

He said the practice of home isolation was tried on asymptomatic patients without underlying diseases, namely obesity, heart attack or chronic kidney disease. They must not be above 60 years of age, and must be living alone or with only one roommate.

Under the programme, hospitals will send medicines to isolated patients at their residences, depending on their condition. In case, they are healthy and have no chronic disease, the patients will receive medicine made from the herb Kariyat. However, those with controlled chronic disease will receive Favipiravir. Also, the patients will get three meals from the hospitals.

The department aimed to set up a community isolation for isolated patients in crowded communities.

Published : June 29, 2021

By : The Nation