Tue, December 07, 2021


THG chairman unfazed by GPO complaint over vaccine mismanagement allegations

The Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO) has filed a police complaint against Thonburi Healthcare Group (THG) chairman Boon Vanasin and mathematician Loy Chunpongthong for attacks related to its import of Covid-19 vaccines.

Boon responded on Wednesday saying he was glad GPO has filed a complaint because it will have to reveal vaccine procurement documents publicly.

The THG chairman had accused GPO of charging private hospitals an extra 5-10 per cent for vaccine management.

Loy, meanwhile, had posted a clip on YouTube saying that the government agency charged private hospitals 100 per cent extra for importing the Moderna vaccine.

In response, the GPO on Tuesday filed a complaint with Bangkok’s Phya Thai Police Station.

In its complaint, GPO said the accusations were untrue and that they caused public misunderstanding.

It also insisted that its aim is to procure more alternative vaccines for the Thai public, not to make a profit on the endeavour.


Published : July 14, 2021

By : The Nation