Sun, September 26, 2021


Search team combs Chiang Mai foothills for missing toddler

The search for a toddler who disappeared from a Chiang Mai village on Sunday entered its second day on Tuesday with no sign of the missing girl.



Ponsiri “Gina” Wongsilaroongruang, who is 23 months old, was reported missing from her house in the remote village of Ban Huay Fak Dab, Mae Taeng district, on Sunday evening. Villagers in the area have been searching for the child for two days but with no success.

Gina’s parents told officials she was in the house with her mother and brother just before going missing. The mother was cooking in the kitchen while the father was taking the garbage out, they said.

A villager told the parents that he saw Gina toddling in the street about 10 metres away from her house.

More than 100 families live in the community, said the parents.

The headman of Ban Huay Fak Dab told reporters that the search team has combed the foothills around the village. On Tuesday, the team was conducting a walking search starting from a high ridge near the village down to the foothills. The headman said he believes Gina may have been kidnapped but is still alive.

Published : September 07, 2021