Wed, October 27, 2021


Nonthaburi hospital to vaccinate psychiatric patients and guardians

Srithanya Hospital in Nonthaburi province is currently accepting psychiatric patients and their guardians to register for Covid-19 vaccine jabs.

The hospital is now able to vaccinate 400 psychiatric patients and guardians per day.

Among the conditions for registration are:

1. They should not have received Covid-19 vaccine jabs before.

2. They must be Thai nationals aged 18 years or above.

4. Right to receive Covid-19 vaccine jabs is being granted to psychiatric patients who are receiving treatment at the hospital. They must not have lost contact with the hospital for more than five years.

4. Psychiatric patients and guardians must receive Covid-19 vaccine jabs on the same day.

5. If psychiatric patients cannot sign their consent, their relatives (parents, siblings, husband, wife or child) must sign the consent instead.

Patients who do not have psychiatric disorders and medical history with the hospital cannot receive the Covid-19 jab.

The types of Covid-19 vaccine are determined in line with the Department of Disease Control's vaccination guidelines.

For more information, visit the hospital's website or contact 02 528 7800.

Published : September 20, 2021