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SUNDAY, October 02, 2022
Sinopharm jabs linked to 14 deaths

Sinopharm jabs linked to 14 deaths

FRIDAY, October 01, 2021
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Chulabhorn Royal Academy (CRA) revealed the adverse symptoms after the Sinopharm vaccination, with 14 fatalities and 12 severe adverse reactions out of 9.4 million vaccine recipients.

The adverse reactions data from Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccination was published on Friday by the CRA. The data had been collected until Wednesday from the total of 9,373,448 vaccination doses.

5,780,736 people have received the first dose of vaccination. Out of the overall of Sinopharm vaccination, the adverse symptoms can be found as follows:
0.51 per cent of the total recipients had headache;
0.40 per cent had ache muscles;
0.37 per cent felt fatique;
0.35 per cent had swollen or rash at the vaccination spot;
0.34 per cent had fever.

The second dose was given to 3,592,712 recipients, and the adverse reactions data compared to the total recipients is:
0.15 per cent of headache;
0.13 per cent of swollen vaccination spot;
0.13 per cent of muscle ache;
0.11 per cent of fatigue;
0.11 per cent of fever.

There were 14 fatalities, in which, two cases died from Covid-19 virus, two from myocardial ischemia, two congestive heart failure cases, four from congenital disease, one from untreated HIV, one cardiac arrhythmia, one stroke case, and one died from pneumonia, according to the CRA’s report.

The CRA also added that severe adverse symptoms were found in 12 Sinopharm vaccine recipients, which were four cases of cerebrovascular accident, four of cerebrovascular accident, one case of acute myocardial infarction, and three cases of severe vaccine allergy.

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