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‘Digital Health Pass’ to soon replace vaccine passports in Thailand

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The Public Health Ministry has announced that people will be able to use the “Digital Health Pass”, which is built into the “MorPhrom” app, as a vaccine passport once the country reopens.

Permanent-secretary Kiatiphum Wongrajit said on Monday that the app will provide three key pieces of Covid-related information, namely:

Vaccination history: Vaccination units nationwide will upload information and the app of double-jabbed users will display the word “vaccinated”.

Test results: Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other organisations registered with “MorPhrom” will upload the results of RT-PCR and ATK tests.

Infection history: Doctors will upload information of patients who have recovered from Covid-19.

Kiatiphum added that the application will display users’ basic information, but those requiring more details can scan the QR Code. The new version will have an improved security system, with the user’s private information hidden behind a toggle. Blockchain technology will be employed in this case.


‘Digital Health Pass’ to soon replace vaccine passports in Thailand


Published : October 19, 2021