SUNDAY, April 14, 2024

Russell Crowe’s heart is still in Thailand

Russell Crowe’s heart is still in Thailand

Despite flying out on Tuesday, Hollywood superstar Russell Crowe continues playing the part of Thailand’s “tourism ambassador”.

He recently tweeted: “November 1st travel to Thailand opens up for double vaccinated travellers from 46 countries with a minimal quarantine process. It’s a beautiful, interesting, exciting place. The people are warm and welcoming. If you have been locked down, isolated, quarantined etc. TRAVEL IS BACK.”

Many Thai netizens were touched by Crowe’s continued support, and some even dubbed him “Mr Tourism Ambassador for Thailand”.

Crowe blew up the Thai Twitter scene with complimentary comments since his arrival in Phuket on September 18. He was here to film the Vietnam War-era blockbuster, “The Greatest Beer Run Ever”.

Crowe’s tweets, such as his capture of the capital’s messy wires tagged “Bangkok Dreaming” and a snap with his “buddy” the monitor lizard, went viral among netizens in Thailand.

The Australian actor was also handed flowers and gifts by Culture Minister Ittipol Khunpluem as a gesture of appreciation for helping promote Thailand.

Crowe bid farewell to Thailand on Tuesday (October 26) with the Twitter post: “Goodbye Bangkok. Stay happy and busy and beautiful”. Attached were pictures he had taken during a recent bicycle trip around the capital’s Phasi Charoen district.

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