Some clarifications on Thailand Pass system


People heading to Thailand have been warned to beware of a fake registration website that looks very credible, while officials on Sunday listed four reasons why some Thailand Pass applicants did not receive a QR code.

Government spokesman Thanakorn Wangboonkonghchana told reporters on Sunday that in the first five days of Thailand’s reopening on November 1, 16,595 foreigners had entered the country. He went on to say that 90165 people had registered for the Thailand Pass and 33,788 had been approved.

He also warned people against the website, which scammers have set up to steal personal information.

As for not receiving a QR code after registering for a Thailand Pass, Foreign Ministry spokesman Tanee Sangrat said this may be because:

  • The user did not upload a Covid-19 vaccination passport or the document was not clear
  • The information and attached documents do not meet requirements, such as bookings at a hotel that is not linked to hospitals listed for an RT-PCR test
  • Re-entering the information several times
  • Incorrect email address or accounts whose storage is full

Officials have also detected that Hotmail accounts are not able to receive replies from the Foreign Ministry. Microsoft Corp is working to solve the problem.

Tanee also said that travellers should allow time for the authorities to check the vaccination document. Those who need to travel to Thailand urgently can contact the Thai embassy or consulate in their area.

“The officials are coordinating at all times in receiving and solving technical problems,” he said.

Call the Foreign Ministry’s Department of Consular Affairs at (02) 572 8442 for more information.

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Some clarifications on Thailand Pass system