Ministry advises people to only use FDA-approved ATKs


The Public Health Ministry has recommended that businesses and schools only use antigen test kits (ATK) that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Suphakit Sirilak, director-general of the Department of Medical Sciences, said these kits are easily and cheaply available.

He said people who have been in the vicinity of those with Covid-19 infection should wait for three to five days before conducting a test. However, those who have a fever, cold or cough can take a test immediately.

The correct way of collecting a sample is putting the stick two to three centimetres into the nostril and then spinning it five times. This must be done in both nostrils. Those collecting saliva samples must follow the instructions strictly, he advised.

Suphakit said ATK that do not have the FDA stamp of approval can provide false test results, as can kits that are contaminated. He also said checking before or after the set time or incorrect usage can also provide false results.

He pointed out that if many ATK tests come out positive in one venue, people should not be immediately isolated. Instead, he said, the schools or companies should contact their nearest provincial health office and have the people retested using the RT-PCR method.

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Suphakit added that 193 ATK have been given the FDA stamp of approval, 100 of which can be used at home and 93 by professionals.

Products that have been approved by the FDA can be checked out at