Sun, December 05, 2021


Russell Crowe misses ‘amazing’ Thai restaurants, street markets

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Hollywood superstar Russell Crowe took to Twitter on Wednesday to affirm that he misses Thailands “amazing” restaurants, including a “great” burger restaurant in Silom.

His Twitter post read:
“#Thailand #Bangkok So many amazing restaurants, street markets, even food stalls in the malls can have brilliant fresh options. Found this surprise one day on a #lostinbangkok expedition. It’s called Fats & Angry!! Great humour, great burgers. ‘made with love’ chef said.”

The Australian actor had visited Thailand recently to shoot a buddy movie with Zac Efron called “The Greatest Beer Run Ever”. He had to undergo quarantine for 14 days in Phuket before arriving in Bangkok.

He has posted pictures on Twitter and spoke of how impressed he was by many things in Bangkok, including the Michelin Star Jay Fai restaurant and street food stalls. The capital’s maze of electricity and cable wires even got a mention.

The Thai government thanked him for promoting the country by effectively playing the part of Thailand's tourism ambassador, and promised to follow up on a couple of his suggestions on how to improve the capital city.

Before leaving Thailand, Crowe posted a farewell message saying: "Goodbye Bangkok. Stay happy and busy and beautiful.”


Russell Crowe misses ‘amazing’ Thai restaurants, street markets

Published : November 25, 2021