Phu Kradueng’s maple trees turn fiery red for winter


Winter has arrived in Loei’s Phu Kradueng National Park with its maple trees turning a fiery red and tourists returning leaves they may have taken as a souvenir.

A post on the park’s Facebook page announced that the maple trees were now in glorious shades of red and yellow, and attached to it was the photograph of a maple leaf a tourist had returned. The leaf came with a note that read: “Please return it. I picked up the leaf for photographs but forgot to put it back.”

Park officials said they receive hundreds of such letters every year.

Phu Kradueng’s maple trees usually turn bright red from December to February, giving tourists a spectacular backdrop for their photographs.

Legend has it that something bad happens to people who take home natural souvenirs from the park, though sceptics believe this is just a ruse to protect the area.

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