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FRIDAY, December 01, 2023

Four prison officials axed for alleged extortion, inmate abuse

Four prison officials axed for alleged extortion, inmate abuse
THURSDAY, December 16, 2021

The Department of Corrections’ disciplinary board has fired four officials who allegedly committed “severe disciplinary offences” against prison inmates and their relatives, the department announced on Thursday.

“One official had been terminated for allegedly demanding money from families of inmates in exchange for providing special treatment to prisoners,” department director-general Ayut Sinthopphan said.

“In separate cases, three other officials of the department have been fired for allegedly physically abusing inmates, which resulted in serious prisoner injuries and deaths.”

Ayut said the department is committed to making prison administration transparent and seeing that all officials strictly follow laws and regulations.

“The move to terminate officials will serve as an example for other prison officials that no one is above the law,” Ayut said.

“Those who have been suspected of committing a breach of discipline will be immediately removed from their positions, followed by punishment and applicable legal action,” he added.

To report extortion or abuse by prison officials, please fill a form here