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MONDAY, October 03, 2022
Confused by new M-Flow toll gates? Here’s what you need to know

Confused by new M-Flow toll gates? Here’s what you need to know

SATURDAY, February 19, 2022
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Many motorists were confused by the new M-Flow expressway payment system after it opened on Tuesday.

While some knew about the automatic toll-payment system, its appearance at four toll gates on Motorway No 9 (Bang Pa-in-Bang Pli ring road) was a surprise to others.

Some motorists complained that the system is complicated and not user-friendly. Others were also worried that it could access too much personal information.

Meanwhile a traffic jam built up at the Thap Chang toll gate because drivers used cash or their M-Pass and Easy-Passes while the M-Flow lane stayed empty. Traffic flowed freely after passing the gate.

One motorist explained that M-Flow registration was too difficult and prompted worries over personal information, so they would pay via the website instead.

Motorway director Thanasak Wongtanakitcharoen said M-Flow barrier-free gates were used by 69,000 motorists per day from Tuesday to Thursday, or 30 per cent of the 240,000-260,000 motorists who travelled on Motorway No 9 every day.

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M-Flow registrations doubled overnight, from 3,000 on Wednesday to 6,000 on Thursday. Motorists can register at MFlowThai, website, or Line account @mflowthai.

The Department of Highways (DoH) suggested users add the card for automatic payment at its Line account.

Unregistered users who drive through the M-Flow gate must pay within two days. Late payment will trigger a DoH letter demanding payment of 10 times the toll fee. Delaying payment for more than 12 days will incur an extra Bt200 fine. Those who ignore payment can be fined up to Bt5,530 each time and face problems extending their driving licence.

The department is developing a system so that M-Pass holders can also use M-Flow.

M-Flow is a free-flow automatic toll payment system developed by the Transport Ministry to solve traffic congestion on expressways and motorways. It uses video cameras and AI technology to collect toll fees by capturing vehicles’ number plate registrations.

Users can drive through M-Flow toll gates at 120kph, meaning 2,000 to 2,500 cars per hour can flow through each gate. M-Flow can be used by all types of vehicle and motorists can register to be billed monthly or after each use.

Payments can be made at the M-Flow website or app or through users’ mobile banking apps by scanning the QR code on the invoices mailed to them. They can also pay by direct debit through their bank account or credit card.

The M-Flow system began operating this week at four gates on Motorway No 9 (Bang Pa-in-Bang Pli ring road) – Thap Chang 1, Thap Chang 2, Thanyaburi 1 and Thanyaburi 2.


Confused by new M-Flow toll gates? Here’s what you need to know