Anutin explains his Covid-19 is ‘weak’ comment


Public Health Minister Anutin Charvirakul late last week defended his comment calling Covid-19 a “krajok” (weak) virus that will not harm anyone who understands its nature and knows how to look after themselves.

Anutin’s remark made earlier this month sparked widespread criticism that the authorities were being overconfident now that the rate of infections is dropping. Some social media users slammed Anutin for downplaying a disease that has killed more than 20,000 people in Thailand so far.

“It’s clear that Thai people nowadays have a better understanding of the new coronavirus,” Anutin said. “Most people are also willing to comply with disease-control measures announced by the Public Health Ministry, which has resulted in Thailand only having a 2.2 per cent infection rate.

“When I said the Covid-19 virus is weak, I meant that it is a manageable disease once we understand its nature and how to protect ourselves, like wearing masks, keeping a distance and washing our hands regularly,” he said.

Anutin explains his Covid-19 is ‘weak’ comment

Anutin added that Thailand was on track and had administered close to 100 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine since the drive began in February.

According to the Public Health Ministry, Thailand has administered more than 98 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines so far, with 43.6 million people or 62.5 per cent of the population receiving both jabs.

“Those who have received two jabs can contact vaccination units to schedule a booster shot to increase their immunity,” said Anutin. “Getting vaccinated is key to staying safe from Covid-19, even after a new variant is found because vaccinated patients have a significantly lower risk of severe symptoms and deaths compared to the unvaccinated.”

Anutin explains his Covid-19 is ‘weak’ comment