Chula medical expert raises alarm over Omicron, advises people to stay in


Covid-19 is not a weak virus as it has infected more than 200 million people and killed over 5 million, Assoc Prof Dr Thira Woratanarat from Chulalongkorn Universitys Faculty of Medicine said in a Facebook post on Saturday.

He added that the Omicron variant is particularly worrisome because it is easily transmissible, escapes immunity and resists treatment.

“Even though Omicron infections are less severe, the number of Covid-19 cases can be expected to surge quickly,” he said.

He said many countries, including those that had decided to “co-exist” with Covid-19, have launched strict measures to curb the spread of the disease.

He is advising people to wear two face masks (a surgical mask with a cloth mask on top), maintain social distancing, avoid gatherings especially in poorly ventilated places and celebrate Christmas and New Year at home.

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