Top Thai virologist extols virtues of Covid-19 vaccine combos


Thailand’s expert virologist Dr Yong Poovorawan explained the administration of vaccine combos in a Facebook post on Saturday.

He said there is scientific evidence proving the effectiveness of combined vaccines and it will soon be published in international medical journals.

He said he was worried that Thais were wasting their time arguing while researchers in the rest of the world are working on setting a standard.

He cited the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s paper “Interim recommendations for heterologous COVID-19 vaccine schedules” published as an “Interim guidance” on Thursday.

In the paper, WHO recommends the administration of combined vaccines and cites the inactivated-viral vector or inactivated-mRNA vaccine combinations used in Thailand.

WHO has recommended that countries adjust their vaccine rollout based on the availability of vaccines.


Top Thai virologist extols virtues of Covid-19 vaccine combos

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Yong said the Public Health Ministry has studied the efficacy of the Sinovac-AstraZeneca combination and has learned that this mixture offers as much protection against Covid-19 as two doses of AstraZeneca.