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Boy gets trapped in lift in China after peeing on control buttons

Beijing - A young boy from Chongqing in southwest China became a victim of his own prank after he urinated on the set of lift buttons and became trapped.

Closed-circuit television footage shared on Chinese social media platforms shows the boy entering the lift alone last Friday (Feb 23). He lets out a stream of urine at the lift buttons, zips up his pants and prepares to exit the lift.

But when the lift reaches his floor, the doors open slightly, before shutting immediately. In a panic, he jumps in the lift and starts pressing multiple buttons, which began flickering, before the lift plunges into darkness.

According to local media reports, the boy was later rescued by building maintenance staff and he was not hurt. It was after they viewed CCTV footage that they realised it was the boy's cheeky actions that caused the lift to malfunction.

Several netizens said that the boy's parents should pay for the repair works, while others said the boy deserved to be stuck inside.

Published : February 27, 2018

By : The Straits Times Asia News Network