Tue, November 30, 2021


Over 3,000 Myanmar migrant workers stage a protest in Mahachai

More than 3,000 Myanmar migrant workers in Mahachai are staging a protest as over 30 Myanmar workers being infected with COVID-19 are discharged from hospital, said Khaing Gyi, Chairman of Aid Alliance Committee (AAC).

Thai authorities placed a 14-day lockdown in Mahachai as the COVID-19 is spread around again in Samut Sakhon Province since December 17.

The protest occurred as the authorities instructed over 30 Myanmar migrant workers, who are still infected with the COVID1-9 virus, to discharge from the hospital on January 4 and took them to stay inside the compound which has been placed on lockdown.

“The patients being sent back to the compound are women who have children. So aren’t the women having medical treatment? If the children are in emergency state, how they will do. So Myanmar migrant workers stage a protest against Thai authorities for sending back the patients,” said Khaing Gyi.

More than 3,500 Myanmar migrant workers and over 1,000 Thai citizens are joined the protest.

Officials from Myanmar embassy, Thai authorities and workers are negotiating.

The workers asked for the confirmed patients to have medical treatment in separate place.

According to Public Health Ministry of Thailand, more than 1,700 Myanmar migrant workers in Mahachai are being infected with the virus.

A 68-year old woman from the Central Shrimp Market in Mahachai went ill on December 13 and tested positive. Thai authorities conducted swab test in the area.

The COVID-19 outbreak was occurred in Mahachai, Samut Sakhon Province, where Myanmar migrant workers mostly live.

Most of people lived in Mahachai are Myanmar migrant workers and only ten per cent of population are Thai citizens.

Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced more than 4,000 Myanmar workers are stranded in the province.

Aid groups helping Myanmar migrant workers said Myanmar migrant workers are being discriminated in Thailand and some have been expelled from their job.

According to Bangkok Post, the outbreak started from Maha Chaing is reached to Phuket, Korat, Samut Prakan, Nakhon Pathom, Ratcha Buri, Suphan Buri and Bangkok.

Thai authorities will conduct COVID-19 test COVID-19 test especially in warehouses, ports and harbours where fish are sold and bought in some provinces nearby of Samut Sakhon Province, where migrant workers are working.

Published : January 07, 2021

By : YIN MYO THU Eleven Media/ANN