Sun, October 24, 2021


[China] Primary, secondary school students banned from bringing mobile phones

Primary and secondary school students will be not allowed to bring cellphones to schools, the Ministry of Education said on Monday. 

Parents need to submit a written application if their children do need to bring mobile phones to schools, in which case the students should hand in their cellphone to schools for custody during school time, the ministry said in a notice. 

Schools should set out rules for the management of cellphones and designate people to take custody of mobile phones brought to schools, it said. 

No cellphone is allowed in classrooms, the notice said, adding that the widespread use of mobile phones have hindered school management and students' development. 

The notice aims to protect students' eyesight, make sure they focus on study and prevent them from becoming addictive to the internet and online games.

Schools should not assign or ask students to do homework via cellphones and they should set up public phones and teacher hotlines for communication between parents and students, it added.

Published : February 01, 2021

By : Zou Shuo China Daily/ANN