Wed, December 01, 2021


[Myanmar] Nine security personnel, 35 spies and 164 people were killed: SAC

A total of five policemen and four soldiers and 35 people accused as spies and 164 people were killed by security forces in relation to the demonstrations, said Brig-Gen Zaw Min Tun, leader of the press team of State Administration Council (SAC) and Deputy Minister for Information in a press conference held at Nay Pyi Taw on March 23.

The security forces members were killed by protesters, he said.

“A total of five policemen and four soldiers are being killed and 163 security forces members are injured. One military family member is killed. 33 men and two women, who are accused as spies for the military, are killed by the protesters,” he said.

Some spies are being marked with tattoos to have public shame for their whole life, he added.

“They shaved hair of people, who are being accused as spies and tattooed their forehead while the spies tied their hands. Are they demanding democracy like that? It is like if one is not like me, you will be my enemy. It will only be anarchy. We have to quell the anarchy. Which country accepts the anarchy? We will send anarchic people to those countries. The countries and organizations, which are blaming us, accept the anarchic people using democratic ways,” he said.

He continued that the protesters attacked security forces and police stations and disposed of evidence intentionally.

“We saw people say there are people dead and injured in the crackdowns made by the security forces. A total of 164 people are being killed in the crackdowns. We are sorry that the people being killed in the crackdowns are our citizens,” he said.

Published : March 25, 2021

By : Eleven Media/ANN