Mon, October 25, 2021


[Myanmar] Price of most medicines increases due to unstable exchange rates

Prices of most medicines have increased from five to ten per cent in the market as foreign exchange rates are recorded high, according to pharmacies in Shwe Pyae Sone wholesale market.

“Prices of medicines from overseas are increased but surgical masks are not. The prices are increased to about ten per cent as the price of gold and exchange rates are high. Wholesalers increase the price and the buyers don’t store the medicines in large scales like before. They stored medicines which will be essential. Although trade routes are banned, medicines are still imported,” said Ko Pho Hla from Ko Pho Hla pharmacy.

“Prices of medicines have increased but we have no shortage of them. The medicines we are selling are imported from India. No medicine are being imported for the time being,” said a person from a pharmacy company in Mingalar Taungnyunt Township.

The price of medicines is dependent on the companies and the prices are increased from 5 to ten per cent in 80 per cent of the companies, sources said.

“Prices of some medicines have increased by Ks1,000 per pack. Our company is giving promotions just like before,” said a person from a pharmacy company in Mingalar market.

Although medicines taken by most people are not out of stock, some medicines are short of supply.

“At the present, Betadine is short of supply and we are still considering whether to restock Biogesic or not as prices are increased,” said a person from a pharmacy in Thingangyun Township.

Published : May 20, 2021

By : Eleven Media/ANN